Obstruction of Justice by Marty Rathbun

25 01 2010

Last year Silvia Kusada was told by a Flag MAA  that if she were to report her then 2D to law enforcement for the brutal battery he visited upon her she would be committing a suppressive act and could be declared.  The MAA was using the following published “suppressive acts” as authority:

Reporting or threatening to report Scientology or Scientologists to civil authorities in an effort to suppress Scientology or Scientologists from practicing or receiving standard Scientology; and

Bringing civil suit against any Scientology organization or Scientologist, including the nonpayment of bills or failure to refund, without first calling the matter to the attention of the International Justice Chief and receiving a reply.

Now, having de-pts’d ourselves from the C of M and the new DM meanings of LRH writings  they have forced people to accept, it is very plain to see the policies used to prevent people from exercising their civil and human rights to recourse to society’s justice apparatus simply do not state what church staff say they state.  Now consider this scenario. You are  beat unconsious by someone nearly twice your size. You go to the designated, authorized church representative for giving guidance and succor for such brutality. The church rep tells you authoritatively that you must look inward for how you might have caused the misguided thug to blow a fuse, and when you initially resist, you are told you could lose your lifetime investment in your religion – not to mention all your friends, family and business connections – should you pursue justice.  That might serve to obstruct your path to the pursuit of justice, don’t you agree?

Well, by the time Silvia heroicly fought through just such a soul searching (and internal appealing) nightmare and recognized in fact the church as an institution was aiding and abetting someone who was not only out ethics and criminal under the church’s own ethics codes but under the laws of the land, several months had passed. When she decided to take measures to protect future potential victims and press criminal charges against her assailant, the latter attempted to have the charges dismissed because of the nine month time lapse between the incident and the complaint. When Siliva explained the church’s dictates – at the behest of the assailant – asssailant’s attorney promised he would deliver a sworn statement by a church representative that states the church does not dissuade parishioners from seeking justice in the courts, but instead encourages them to.

Had Silvia told me about this on any other day I might not have posted anything about this. But, it just so happens that the woman I was auditing today was similarly bullied by church representatives  to not pursue her rights in court. As a result, she lost several years of custody and companionship of her children and forfeited hundreds of thousands of dollars that were rightfully and lawfully hers.

It also just so happens that the phone call I received just prior to Silvia’s was from a woman who was also  forced by church representatives to drop divorce proceedings and she too lost substantial time with her child that she was legally and ethically entitled to as a result.

It also just so happens that in all three of these cases that coincidentally consumed my  entire day and evening, the woman in the equation was attacked by the church, and intimidated from pursuing justice, on the basis that their spouses were either well-heeled and willing to direct much wealth to C of M reges and/or brown nosing, card carrying DM-bots.

If I can run into three in one days, it occured to me that there must be one hell of a lot more instances out there of similarly situated folks having their access to justice obstructed.

It also occured to me that we should not permit Silvia Kusada to be steam rolled like this.  If anyone has personal experiences of being ordered not to pursue justice as Silvia was, I urge you to contact Silvia and provide her with a statement so that she might effectively respond to the perjurious statement her assailant’s lawyer has promised to provide to the City Attorney in an effort to get charges dropped against him. If anyone has seen the movie Changeling, while not quite as dramatic, Silvia is being subjected to the same 50’sesque psych op of “nobody will ever believe you.”  Contact Silvia at Skusada2010@gmail.com.

Finally, in response to the anticipated attack on the many church sponsored anti-Marty sites, I am not encouraging any attack upon Scientology. Read the opening paragraphs of this post.  The LRH policy DM-bots cite as authority for denying people access to the courts countenances nothing of the sort.  Yet, C of M routinely does so, each time underming LRH and the subject of Scientology that much more. And it does so in order to divert monies from deserving mothers and into DM’s slush funds.  And when someone questions the off-policy nature of such funds (as Silvia did – and which is the ONLY act on her part that made her persona non grata), under Miscavology, he or she may be beat, dragged, and strangled unconscious with no recourse to justice (not only Scientology justice, but the justice system afforded as a human and civil right of every human being).  The attack on Scientology is coming from within the church.

Ignoring injustice perpetuates oppression.

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11 01 2010

The derivation of the word Kindness is from Kin – family. And that is what we are creating here. by Mary Jo

Thanks to all for this wonderful post and comments. MLK, LRH, Marty and all this group exemplifies KINDNESS. This is a quality that has taken years to strip from Scientology as a group and is now sorely missing. It is a quality MLK took to a far- reaching level and thanks to Marty for bringing him into the room and shining his light on us.

(From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)
Kindness is the act or the state of charitable behaviour to other people. It is considered to be one of the Knightly Virtues, and is a recognized value in many cultures and religions (see ethics in religion). It is considered to be one of the seven virtues, specifically the one of the Seven Contrary Virtues (direct opposites of the seven deadly sins) that is the direct opposite to envy[1].
According to book two of Aristotle’s Rhetoric it is one of the emotions (see list of emotions), which is defined as being “helpfulness towards some one in need, not in return for anything, nor for the advantage of the helper himself, but for that of the person helped”[2].
Paul defines love as being `patient and kind…` (I Corinthians)

The derivation of the word Kindness is from Kin – family. And that is what we are creating here. Thanks to all.

Mary Jo




Photo of Boyd Hutchins, aka StarsAwait

I planned to go over why I decided to do what I’m doing but that’s covered on these websites. Instead, here’s a snapshot of my experiences at CLO EUS, and new statistical info on David Miscavige’s Church of Scientology.

When I worked in External Comm I was ordered to call orgs to get telexes answered. We weren’t sending missions except for when we sent I think two “Saint Hill size missions” over the years. This was very Miscavigesque, ridiculously out gradient to our green missionaires and then current resources and it wasn’t to handle the flappy orgs on a gradient and establish basics. They were doomed to fail. There’s some LRH policies that apply that I don’t have access to, but they only expand on the only management style allowed, covered in HCO Policy Letter “CLO’s, OTL’s and Orgs.” This PL only reinforces the Sea Org policies — there is no other way. Here’s an excerpt:


To construct an example of a real CLO in action.
The Asst Management Aide of a CLO finds her project board blank for Bongville. CIC of the CLO states no reports are coming in from Bongville org. The last stats sent were poor. There is natter in Bongville’s field. On A/Mgmt Aide request, CLO’s Action Bureau writes the MOs for, briefs and fires a single observer missionaire. In Bongville, the CLO’s missionaire manages to find the “Exec Director” Bongville (who is not the ED supposed to be there according to CLO personnel records).

The following conversation takes place: The org’s ED says, “Your CLO has no reality on what’s going on here in this org.” Question: (from CLO missionaire) Do you ever send any data or reports or stats? “No, we haven’t time for that. We keep going broke.” Question: Do you know Flag policy relating to pricing and financial planning? “No, we’re too busy. All this questioning is just too distracting. The landlord is threatening eviction.” Question: How much money have you invoiced in the last month? “Oh, very little.” Question: But I see you have a full classroom of students. Have they all paid? “Oh, they’ve been here a year. They paid long ago … I think.” Question: Have you put the Flag Word Clearing Project into effect so they’ll finish their courses? “The what?” Question: Have you sent anyone to the CLO Tours Course? “Please, I’ve got to go now. The HAS just transferred the Course Super to the Estate Section and our only auditor to Ethics Officer and I’ve got to tell our afternoon pcs to come back tomorrow. . . .”


Now the observation mission went out because the CLO Data Bureau found Bongville was not reporting. This telegram meets up in CLO’s Data Bureau CIC with a ton of public complaints in the Bongville area. A rapid evaluation is done by the CLO CIC Evaluator using any current data on Bongville. The WHY taken from CLO CIC evaluation turns out to be an illegal promotion to Bongville ED of a blown PTS staff member from Chongton Org who put the whole staff in treason and blew them. The CLO Product Officer goes into action for the product of a functioning org. CLO ACTION Mission Orders for a new SO temporary ED and HAS for Bongville are quickly written, the mission briefed and 24 hours later they are in Bongville handling. The GO is put in touch with the landlord. The CLO Finance Office sends an FBO. A/Dissem Aide reroutes a tour to include Bongville. The new FBO forces $7,000 in collections by Friday, and gets a Treasury Sec on post and hatted and the Flag Invoice Pack goes in. The HAS phones the fired Bongville auditors, gets three back. Auditing resumes. Six students are word cleared and completed on course and the Flag Intern Pgm goes in and they begin to work in the HGC making nine auditors now delivering. The tech member gets the Mini Super Hat on the Course Super. The Flag Word Clearing Pack goes in. Two tours students and two execs get routed via the CLO for training on the Flag checksheet courses. The ex-ED and the ex-HAS are put on as “HCO Expeditors” pending further handling. The HAS reverts the org to cancel out the mad musical chairs, begins to recruit, form an expeditor pool, train and hat by Flag project orders and checksheets. The temporary SO ED produces by coping. The scene begins to untangle to the degree that policy and Flag projects begin to go in. The Flag ARC Brk program begins to go in and begins to straighten out ARC Brks in Central Files. One month later, the tours students are back from CLO. The org is rebuilt enough to deliver. Money begins to roll in.

Two months later the first FEBC comes back, is genned in as Exec Dir. The second one returns. Is genned in as HAS. They are told to get two more people to the FEBC fast and an A/G is sent to the GO for training at GO request.
Flag projects are well in. The CLO mission pulls out. The org remains stable but is carefully watched by the Asst Management Aide at the CLO via her project board. Meanwhile, all reports and data have been flowing to the CLO and to Flag. Flag compares its data, evaluates this and other orgs. Finds ex-staff members who have blown from an org are uniformly PTS. A local Flag project to develop more data and tech on PTS begins…. And the cycle repeats, The CLO gets in the PTS project. When an org doesn’t get it in according to a CLO Management Bu project board, data is looked for in the files and an evaluation is done on the orgs that didn’t get it in. If no data, an observer is sent…. And that’s the cycle. The Flag WHY for the Bongville incident would be a CLO in that area not manned up and operating fully and not getting Flag projects in. The CLO basic WHY that let Bongville go to pieces would be that the CLO did not watch its Flag project board and did not notice Bongville was not getting in any projects and was not reporting. The basic WHY in Bongville was the promotion of unqualified persons to ED and HAS who did not know or try to get in Flag projects and instead went ethics mad when they began to fail.


A CLO is there to observe and to get Flag programs and projects in. When a CLO doesn’t report or backlogs, it gets Bongvilles. It handles Bongvilles. It must have its Assistant Aides, its bureaux, especially a Data Bu, and a Mgmt project board, a Missionaire Unit, and an Action Bureau to handle Bongvilles. But every Bongville it has to handle will be because Flag programs and projects weren’t going in, in Bongville and the CLO didn’t find WHY they weren’t going in soon enough. Flag level-international WHYs applying to all orgs. CLO level-continental WHYs to remedy to get Flag pgms and projects in. Org level-divisional and departmental and individual WHYs that prevent Flag programs and projects from going in.

So that’s the reason for a CLO: To observe and to send all data to Flag and to continentally find out WHY Flag projects and programs are not going in, in an org and remedy that WHY and get the programs and projects in.

That’s a CLO.”

— L. Ron Hubbard, HCO POLICY LETTER of 22 JULY 1971, CLO’s OTLs and Orgs

Compare this org-specific handling of a downstat org to the sweeping solution of image improvement going on now. Nevermind that this type of image improvement isn’t even allowed based on currect production levels as covered in the reference on www.friendsoflrh.org. Also, the straight up and vertical approach of miscavige is the opposite of putting in easy basics one at a time per LRH. (see quote below) From every angle DM is incorrect.

LRH wants the CLO to get programs in. COB never cared about the programs, he only pretended to care while forcing overwhelming amounts of orders onto the orgs via the CLO, swamping already broken comm lines, never inspecting, never evaluating, when it was all so obvious. Don’t doubt that a different leader merely ALLOWING standard tech would make a change, nevermind the reneissance that would occur with direct orders to follow policy. I used to talk to CLO managers and they agreed with me. “But what can you do about it?” was the question.

“WHEN YOUR DESPATCHES OR ORDERS AREN’T GETTING ANSWERED OR ACTIONED, DON’T EVER KEEP ISSUING MORE OF THE SAME. In the special case of E you haven’t got a chance of attracting attention. There are many things you can do in the case of E. Whatever you do, if observation and real data to hand (not rumor or opinion) shows E to be the case, there is one basic rule: WHEN A PERSONNEL OR PLACE IS DISTRACTED, GET IN ONLY EASY BASICS ONE AT A TIME.Problems of Work data applies. Stable datum and confusion.”

— L. Ron Hubbard, HCO POLICY LETTER of 8 MAY 1970, Admin Know-How Series 24, DISTRACTION AND NOISE

Some orgs had 500 staledates. When the telex isn’t answered another was sent. Then Ext Comm called the org. This happens in every Ext Comm on the planet. In fact we’re ordered by Flag Ext Comm (in LA) to call orgs to nudge telexes.

This has taken the place of missions and results in no management – the SO never goes in and sends people off for FEBC etc.; the comm lines have no ethics presence to them. The org needs to know they’ll get a mission for non-compliance. But also they need to be managed sanely with less instructions until they’re big enough to handle that much. Staff are very dedicated and willing and the best of them are as competent as the best of the SO. I’m not saying force is the only answer, I’m talking about when orgs go bad.

“I wouldn’t be caught dead calling an org.” – LRH, CBO FOLO PHONE LINE

This isn’t my hobby horse because I was in the area. This is “Does management exist or not?” The CO FOLO would have 40-50 stales to the FB. Sometimes he’d not secure till the stales to FB were handled. We’d be up till 2-3 AM and him and the Programs Chief would comply with FB (i.e. send out multiple orders of all kinds to each org with already broken comm lines).

The FB sent a mission to CLO one time. Managers couldn’t send telexes to orgs for a week. FOLO EUS won their Birthday Game that week, which showed how much we were glutting the orgs with telexes.

Later I stopped all off-policy traffic, cutting down probably 60% of telexes leaving the building and refusing to call orgs. Two months later the FOLO had won their birthday game for 7 weeks straight, date coincident with me putting in LRH Policy. It’s unprecented. This was one half of the equation solved. But now the CLO and FOLO had to start sending missions to repair comm lines and cut down on the orders. I wrote reports infoing all WDC, IMEC, Eval corps, RTC, 20 to 40 infos per report, several reports just reiterating the same stuff — no change. WHAT WAS GOING ON? THIS IS THE ONLY THING WE’RE SUPPOSED TO BE DOING. It’s obvious now. I always dubbed in “COB is an idiot, but for no definite reason he’s good, so I’ll keep my mouth shut.” Doesn’t make much sense, I know. I never told anyone my disagreements after leaving the Sea Org. I paid my freeloader debt and paid for 12 intensives and gave some money to the IAS but I was tired.

Anyways, FSO (who sent a lot of traffic to EUS orgs) was KRing me and the org Dir Comms for not allowing and instead deleting personnel and logistics telexes (I was ordering Dir Comms to do this), saying these telexes were “urgent” even though LRH forbids them. The FOLO and Snr HCO was on my case. My senior in LA sent a private comm not meant for me to the FLO Rep CLO (like an org Flag Rep), saying she’s concerned I’d start dramatizing “stop” generally. She had no policy she could point to that I was violating. She had all Ext Comms calling orgs with abandon in other Conts. A new CLO and CMO command team fired in sometime soon after the Birthday Game wins. I was taken off post and Comm-Ev’ed for disrelated nothings that happened a long time ago. The Committee of Evidence findings plus an “Urgent Directive” were issued one day after I was told by Chief Off CMO to call orgs and refused. He had no respect or recognition for the policies I was showing him, he was parroting DM’s robotism madness, LEC was on his ass.

He walked out of my office and down the hall to HCO and ordered an investigation on me. The Comm Ev gave me blank stares and admitted to not even reading my writeup yet I was found guilty on generalities like insubordination.

Eventually I wound up at FSO and was put on regging money to send books to India. It came up in the routing-in sec check that I had some vague family connection issue, and something else in the sec check was taken seriously when I even stated I was joking, so they told me I basically was unqualled. It was left ambiguous and they wanted me to say I wanted to leave the SO, to “speed up the process.” I’d had my fill and left.

With even a halfway decent Inspector General functioning (not a COB), what I’m describing would be near the top of the list of things to handle. IT’S THE FLAG-FOLO-ORG line! It’s probably half the reason the Sea Org exists. And Miscavige has alter-is’d it for 20 plus years. He calls the shots.

Church of Scientology Current Statistics

Lastly and most importantly, in November 2009 I verified by phone with two terminals at Int (FLO in LA, STO ITO, Mem Off Int) that delivery statistics are still down on their long-term death slide (which started in 1990). Both of their responses were “I won’t deny that’s the case.” When pressed further about any stat turnaround after 2004 or 2008, (start of the Miscavige’s Ideal Org Program and his Basics Program, respectively), their response was the same, they didn’t even put up a fight. Both of them were at a loss for words with the data I presented to them, so I asked to speak to OSA. OSA never contacted me, I’ve phoned them twice and had requests to speak to them for over three months. Also I told the STO ITO that Buffalo was a flap and I knew that from internet reports. She confirmed this with “Yes, Buffalo is a flap.” I went over other Ideal orgs which weren’t successes by any means and it wasn’t denied.

I don’t think it’s going to be terribly hard to get rid of Miscavige and then make some big orgs because there’s so much truth on these websites. Sure it’ll happen organically because of this recent push but would it be too late?  It’d be a crime to not try and push it along faster if you’ve been on the fence. It’s nice to know you’ve been right but there’s bigger mountains to climb. Lets make it happen faster!

Written by Boyd Hutchins
Email: boydh14@hotmail.com

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Samantha “Sam” Domingo – UK Independent

31 12 2009

Sam with friend Chrissie Pearlman

Samantha “Sam” Domingo – UK Independent

My Dearest Friends,
As I write this my final declaration of independence as a Scientologist and make my decision to openly declare my disconnection from that entity which calls itself ‘The Church of Scientology’ I thus end the journey of discovery I began so many years ago and begin my life again.

Telling my story was a difficult decision to make – it is personal and it is painful. However, by opening my heart to other independents who have done likewise I know I will fully begin to heal and hopefully my story will help others to heal. Here it is – believe it or not in a very brief version!

It began in the summer of 1988 when I traveled at the age of 21 to Amsterdam looking for adventure. There I met a man who introduced me to the subject of Scientology and got me to buy and read Dianetics. From the moment I opened the book I knew I had found answers to the questions I had been asking all my life. The more I learned about Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard, the more I knew I had found truth and purpose in life. Everything I learned made sense. I knew I could use the technology of Dianetics and Scientology to help people, help myself and make the world a better place. At the same time I fell in love with the world of Scientology, I fell in love also with the man who had introduced me to the subject. For the first time in my life I was truly happy. The next year or so was idyllic. Little did I suspect then that this short year of happiness was yet a precursor of the pain that would follow.

Fast forward to 1989 when we both joined the Sea Organization at Saint Hill. We had planned to be married before we joined the Sea Organization knowing that there were strict rules about co-habitation amongst un-married Sea Org Members. As there were logistics problems to getting married right away, we got engaged and went ahead and joined up. The purpose of helping LRH to clear the planet and dedicating the rest of our lives to help others was irresistible to both of us and we couldn’t wait to jump on board.

Within a few short months life became intolerably miserable. Meager food and money rations and the debased living conditions were bad enough. On top of this my relationship with my fiance began to suffer as we were not allowed to live together or have any form of intimate contact (other than holding hands). I blew once with my fiance and returned a week later wracked with guilt. I disconnected from my mother when I was persuaded that my erratic behavior (wanting to leave) was because she was suppressive and was causing me to ‘roller coaster’. My instinct told me that this was not LRH and this was not the way Scientology was supposed to be. However, everyone else around me insisted that it was just the way things were and it was the bad people out there preventing expansion and happiness. Group opinion rules so eventually I (sort of) fell in line.

For those who have never been part of this group I’m sure that the first question would be “why did you agree?” All I can say in my defense was that I, like my friends and fellow Sea Org Members, was driven by the certainty that LRH was a good man and that our fellow Sea Org Members were good people. We had formed such a bond of brotherhood and mutual trust and respect that when we let each other down, we felt that we had failed our friends and LRH. We did not know that we were being duped by a suppressive at the very top of the church.

Shortly after I disconnected from my mother, I was sent to LA for training on a new technical rundown. While I was there my fiance was sent to Africa on a mission.

Six months later I returned to the UK. Then within weeks of my return, my fiance was sent back from his mission in Africa placed under justice actions for some crime he had supposedly committed (forming a relationship with a female Sea Org Member while in Africa). I was informed that he was going to be ‘offloaded’ from the Sea Organization and Declared a Suppressive Person. I was given the choice to leave with him or stay in the Sea Organization. I was not allowed to speak with him alone. Meanwhile I was convinced by senior Sea Org Members that he was a very bad person because of what he had done and that he was actually suppressive and had been destroying me. I was also shown his ethics files and reports of earlier ‘crimes’ he had committed in a very convincing campaign to thoroughly turn me against him. In my state of grief and shock it worked. A few days later my fiance was offloaded from the Sea Organization and I pawned my engagement ring for enough money to buy a bottle of wine and some chocolate and got drunk with a close friend. That done, it was back on post and back to work! I suppose this was the end of any personal integrity, truth or happiness for some time. From there on out it was all business and just getting on with the job. The pain was neatly buried.

Coincidental to the above I had made the origination that I had received past life auditing and had already reached certain states of OT. This was ignored and I was told that it really didn’t matter as I would have to re-do all of my grades anyway. As I had no interest in doing this I pretty much decided I just wouldn’t bother with any Bridge as there didn’t seem to be any point. I did have a lot of sec checking though! Usually right after I had blown the Sea Org yet again and returned like the prodigal daughter.

Sometime around 1993 I was the Keeper of Technology and Policy (KOT) for the UK (a lofty post for a book one trained auditor but I made it work). By the winter of 1994 I had been busted off of this post and ‘put on the decks’ This basically meant that everyone had had enough of me (I wouldn’t profess to have been an angel by any means) so I was given a pick axe and told to dig a hole at the back of the castle. I would have been put on the RPF but my senior up the lines in LA had refused to allow this. After about a month of digging my hole (which did not grow much bigger despite my frustrated hacking due to the fact that the ground was frozen solid) I was told that I was being sent to LA for a comm ev and would remain there to be trained fully on my post.

I arrived in LA and was driven to Celebrity Center International, where despite initial protest I was quickly trained and posted as a supervisor. I wasn’t entirely happy but soon found a nice boyfriend who was also working there and because of the rules about intimate relationships we quickly got married. Life was pretty much OK until about a month into the marriage when I discovered (despite being on birth control) I was pregnant. (oops!) Being the innocent I was back then I figured we would have to simply leave the Sea Org (as Sea Org Members were not allowed to stay if they had children) and just make the best of it. Life shock number two was about to occur.

I was hauled off to ethics and asked what I was going to do about this ‘situation’. Horrified I asked what this meant and was then told specifically that I should seriously consider having an abortion as this would be for the greater good. Later the same day my new husband informed me that he had spoken to the Commanding Officer at CCInt and they were both ‘on to me’ (apparently I had been plotting to get pregnant all along so that I could force my husband to leave the Sea Org). Disgusted at my husband’s behavior and – well – gobsmacked that anyone would think me capable of such treachery I did what any brainwashed, spun in, PTS idiot would do and went ahead with an abortion. The Ethics Officer at Celebrity Center was very helpful in setting up arrangements for me to go to a free clinic where the abortion would not have to be paid for and I was even given a week or two off to recover. As a footnote, two weeks after my abortion a young Sea Org member at celebrity center approached me and asked me in hushed tones where I had gotten my abortion as she too had fallen pregnant and needed to get this ‘handled’. It was many years before I recovered from the guilt of my actions. I watched in a sort of dazed bewilderment as I inexplicably flushed my personal integrity down the toilet yet again. Needless to say divorce followed shortly thereafter and I was single again.

Always fast to bounce back however, I soon fell in love once more. This time it was to the son of a high profile celebrity who had just joined the Sea Org. Soon I had charmed the pants off of him too – the one snag was that he was in the middle of a divorce so we had to stay at arms length and just be friends until the divorce was finalized. We both knew this and so we followed the rules and would simply meet on breaks at the Church for coffee and a chat.

All of a sudden we were both hit with heavy ethics actions for having ‘2D flows’ towards each other and ordered to ‘disconnect’. We were both astounded and spent days trying to get someone to explain what it was exactly we were doing and what the LRH reference was that said we couldn’t be in communication with each other. The Ethics Officer was relentless and apparently there were reports that had been written on us by other people in the organization who were somehow able to perceive these mysterious invisible entities called 2D flows. After being pounded and hounded for weeks, the new man in my life had had enough and demanded we just leave. We blew together (I was getting awfully good at this by now) but once again I was just as easily persuaded to return to the church the next day so that we could ‘do things standardly and avoid being declared suppressives’. This was all done with the usual promises that everything would be fine, no-one would interfere with us and we would be able to leave together in a couple of days.

A week later somehow I found myself locked up in the security office at Celebrity Center. Meanwhile my partner in crime had been offloaded from the Sea Organization and had disappeared. I’m not quite sure how that happened but it was all very smooth. I also agreed a few weeks later to go on the RPF and was personally escorted to the PAC base by a security official and handed over, all without quite being sure just how I had been talked into doing such an insane thing when I was completely sure at that point that I really wanted to leave the Sea Org and have nothing more to do with it. Conditions were grim. I will not document them here for the sake of expediency as they have been well documented elsewhere.

I managed to get with the program for a good few weeks and was quite enjoying myself on the RPF and quickly made friends. However, the fact that I was escorted around the base and watched 24 hours a day did not sit well with my rebellious side and a couple of weeks later slipped my leash and called my boyfriend. He wasn’t doing so well so a few weeks later I jumped out of a 4th story window onto a tree, climbed down, escaped from the base and got him to come and pick me up from a local phone booth I found in Hollywood. I was soon rounded up however and toddled off obediently back to the RPF after I was promised that I would be able to route out of the RPF quickly if I just returned to ‘do things standardly’. This time however, when I returned I was swiftly put on plane (escorted to the gate by a church security goon) and packed off to England where it was considered I was far enough away that I would not be able to cause any more trouble.

This time it was my boyfriend who caused the trouble (not me!) he found me in the UK and got a flight booked for me to return to the US where he would be waiting for me.

My boyfriend and I decided at that point that we were going to get married and would walk away from the church. However, we were soon contacted by the president at Celebrity Center International and persuaded to go and see her as she wanted to ‘talk to us’.

We arrived at Celebrity Center and I was put into a room by myself with my boyfriend waiting in another room. There I was told (by the President) that I was without a doubt going to be declared a Suppressive Person. She informed me that this meant that I would never be eligible to do my OT levels this lifetime. It was entirely up to me whether I wanted to wish the same fate on my boyfriend but she wanted me to think long and hard about whether I wished to be the cause of his never being able to achieve spiritual freedom this lifetime. Wow! She left me alone with my thoughts and then allowed my boyfriend back into the room to see me where it was hoped that I would do the right thing and break up with him to spare him from a fate worse than death. Instead I told him everything she had told me. Upon this news, his face took on quite a threatening demeanor! “We are leaving right now!” he told me through gritted teeth. And we walked away.

When we reached his apartment we got a panicked phone call saying that it was all a big mistake and if I returned to the RPF and ‘routed out standardly’ it was completely fine and no-one was going to be declared. My boyfriend growled and got protective and refused to entertain the idea but I agreed to give it one last shot and this time it actually worked. After two weeks of intense sec-checking and plant checking I was finally ‘allowed’ to leave. The success of finally getting myself routed out might have had something to do with the threats my boyfriend was making in the background of personally getting a chopper flown in to the base to pick me up if anyone dared cross us again.

We walked away from the church determined not to return. We created three children (beautiful girls) together and life was good.

I wish we could say we are still happily married and lived happily ever after but it isn’t the case.

Around 1998 we returned to the church for services. We paid our freeloader debts and moved up the Bridge to OTV.

To document the out-tech and out-ethics we both encountered along the way would require a separate story and one that would make this write up far too long. Suffice to say that Black Dianetics, Black Scientology and Black Ethics was the undoing of our marriage. All of our family members suffered. The out-tech included (but in no-way is limited to) invalidation of case state, running OT procedures incorrectly, added inapplicable (and random) sec-checking and FPRD, evaluations and having to re-do NED (dianetics) after attesting to OT III. All adding up to hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage which had to be cleaned up with yet more auditing (and more money).

Yes we got gains from LRH technology and our OT levels – you cannot study and receive Scientology services without huge wins and gains. However, the corruption of the church and the technology was too great. The last leg of the final destruction was played out at Flag – the Mecca of Technical perfection where it had been hoped that good and happiness and sanity would be restored. Instead we were all subjected to callous, greedy and uncaring robots (that is what the Sea Org has been reduced to at Flag) who through lack of sleep, the unrelenting pressure of the next reg cycle and the eventual complete erosion any remnants of their own personal integrity, were instrumental in bringing complete chaos into the lives of our family members. We were never able to recover. Our marriage ended bitterly and I removed myself and my children from the church..

There is a happy ending to this story. When I made the decision to walk away I immediately recovered my own personal integrity and dignity and pride. I was rewarded with a swift de-PTSing and discovery of TRUTH through Marty and all of my new found friends. I re-connected with real Scientologists and real OTs and for the first time since discovering Scientology was freed of nagging doubts. Now I know why I was such a confounded trouble maker and I know that all along, despite our best efforts we were up against David Miscavige – an SP that we just couldn’t see. I found MY group. I am happy and proud to join your ranks. I also discovered that despite the many times I have walked away from the church I never walked away from LRH and I never walked away from my group. They were here, on the outside, all along.
I have been back in communication with my mother for some years (and most assuredly she is not a suppressive person!). I have three beautiful girls – the remnant of my marriage, who are quickly becoming strong independent young women. Life is good.

My story should be considered my doubt announcement. I will be forwarding this to everyone I know on BOTH sides. To those of you who are still lost among the lies I urge you to go look for yourselves. I have sent you the link to my story – there are more stories to be read here and there is much more to be known. Don’t let other people tell you ‘it’s entheta’ and ‘you cannot look’. The only way out is the way through. It isn’t all pleasant but it never is pleasant the first time you run yourself through an engram – and yet you always come out laughing on the other side. You know who I am and you know I would not make these statements lightly. LOOK DON’T LISTEN!

As for the rest of you – welcome back fellow rebels :)

Love From
Samantha (Sam) Domingo.


Photo of Trey Lotz, Class VIII, OT VIII

It all came to a head in the Comm Ev.

The first thing I found out was how wrong I’ve been all along.  I found out that you can only do one 10 Aug on a pc.  I found out that you have to be a Data Series Evaluator to do a Trouble Area Questionnaire on a pc.  Or so I was informed. Who knew?

I did defend myself.  I told them about my track in Scientology.  I had majored in Philosophy and Religion in college, and had a particular interest in Eastern Religions and psychic research.  When a friend of mine told me about Scientology, I bought all the basic books and read them cover to cover one week in late 1968.

I was so impressed.  Here was not only a philosophy that was impressive in its own right, but there was also a therapy derived from it that was brilliant.  I got my Grades, did my Academy levels, volunteer audited in Hawaii, moved to LA, did the BC, volunteer audited at the AO and then started field auditing in 1970. By 1971 I was a Class VIII.

I did two internships on the Apollo in ’75 under LRH, and another one at Flag in ’81.  In the meantime, I was racking up 1000-1400 hours in the chair year after year.  I audited Solo NOTs to EP and completed OT 8 in 1988. There were also trips to Nigeria, India and China where I helped start Dianetics groups.

In 2003 I finally bit the Golden Age of Tech bullet and went on course full time and finished my program. Meantime, I kept racking up 1000-1400 hours a year in the chair.  Any time IHELP kept comparative stats on field auditors, I was always in the top three in total production, and I was #1 in many categories every year.  The only times that IHELP Int ever kept worldwide stats, I was #1 in tithes both times.  By the time of my Comm Ev, I had logged over 36,000 hours in the chair, I had over 110 people that had either gone Clear on my lines, or who had gone onto their OT levels from my practice.  I gave them the names of 283 people I had recovered to the orgs.  I submitted a large stack of success stories and commendations.

I told them all of this in my Comm Ev.

They responded loudly and in unison:


Four months later, one Saturday night, I was auditing when there was a loud knock on the front door.  I then heard people walking around in my living room.  I finished auditing the pc and went to see what was going on.  What was going on was that I got my burn notice.  They then proceeded to take all my certs off the wall and haul them away.  Then they rounded up all the folders I had around the house and carted them off too.  All they left were blank spots on the wall and paperclips on the floor where my auditing practice used to be.

Well it was traumatic, no doubt, but the one thing I didn’t expect was the sense of freedom and relief that I felt to be no longer under the thumb of the Church. Over the next six months, I talked to many people and read a lot of people’s stories in order to sort things out.  I took a good look at the top of my own admin scale, recognized my true importances and loyalties, and realized that I just needed to get back on purpose and do what I’ve always done, audit.

I heard about Pierre Ethier, a Class XII in the Freezone, and arranged to get some auditing from him.  He delivered L11 to me, and that really handled any charge that had gotten stirred up by the cycle. He also generously offered to train me on how to audit the Ls.  I then got my L12 and L10 from him as well as the Ls training.  I also learned how to audit NOTs and Super Power!

I quickly got as busy as I’d ever been.  I’ve never looked back. Since then I’ve delivered over 1000 hours of auditing, including hundreds of hours of Ls auditing. My purpose is to give the opportunity, to those that want it, to finish what they started in Scientology.  Several of my pcs were pleasantly surprised to discover that there were no IAS reges on my couch waiting for them after session. As one of them told me, “What a difference being audited in a non-oppressive environment!”

Here is how I think about what happened:  It is kind of like if you were Russian and you grew up in that system. Let’s say you were fairly successful, and you more or less toed the line and got along. You applauded the Potemkin Villages like everyone else.  But at some point you got on the bad side of one of the Commissars and so you got exiled to Tahiti.  You might have some hurt feelings at first. After all, it is not that pleasant to get booted out from someplace. But then you look around and think, “Well that wasn’t a very sociable thing to do. But hey, after all, this is TAHITI!”

I can honestly say that I have never been happier in my life.

Trey Lotz

Kathy Braceland OT VIII

Los Angeles Independent

Lucky me, I worked with a guy who was on HQS way back in 1973. I was already fascinated with people but I found him most interesting because he carried himself differently than anyone I knew. As we became friends, I told him things I had stopped telling others because they thought I was “a little off” for thinking such things. I told him I was interested in telepathy. Instead of laughing, he agreed with me but said he didn’t know how to do that yet. I told him I thought that we didn’t just live one life, the body died but we continued to live. Surprisingly, he didn’t laugh or run away. I said I wanted to help people and I wanted to know how the mind worked. He said I should become an auditor, then brought me into the Mission in Edmonton, Alberta (Canada). I was 17.

Lucky me again, the staff consisted of 2 Cl VIII’s, 2 Cl VI’s, 1 Cl IV and all of them were at least OT III. I happily paid my $25 for the Comm Course and started my adventure to become an auditor. I did every course the mission offered, ending with HSDC. My wish came true. I learned how the mind worked and I could help people. I was on cloud 9…this is what I wanted to be…an auditor. I audited and audited, hundreds of hours of Dianetics. It was wonderful. The wins and gains were absolutley mind blowing… literally…ha ha….

At the end of 1974, I flew to FCDC. I was going to be a Cl IV auditor! Having absolutely no reality on a Cl IV org, nor the USA and Americans, I didn’t know what I was in store for other than I was going to be amongst the big boys that LRH talked about in Keeping Scientology Working. I was up for it. I brought my own pc with me just in case they didn’t have one. I figured he could train up to Cl IV to keep himself busy while he waited for me to audit him.

The training was awesome…rough, tough and standard. I did my HSDC internship and was a certified, gold sealed Dianetics auditor…wow! I started my Academy Levels. TRs and metering every morning, then study and drill. The course rooms and HGC were full — FCDC was buzzing. It was exhilarating! I threw myself into study 7 days a week, 9am until midnight or more. I would audit any pc I was asked to, on any action. I audited the staff too. I became the flub catch auditor and the course sup’s little helper. I did my Cl IV internship and was now a gold sealed, certified Cl IV auditor. A dream come true!

I returned to Edmonton to audit in the HGC. I did lots of Life Repairs, Dianetics, repair lists, grades…everything I could audit. My pcs were flying and I was having the time of my life. In 1976, I was asked if I would train to be the Cram Off and Qual Sec for the Mission. I figured, I could help even more pcs at once by assisting other auditors and I could also help the Mission. Cool…. So I went to FCDC and trained as a Qual Sec. Ooohh…FEBC tapes, ESTO tapes…awesome! I returned to Edmonton, set up my Qual and went to work. I also continued to audit in the HGC.

In 1977, I went to FCDC and did my Senior Cl IV auditor training. I kept a rigorous training schedule and would be the first to arrive and last to leave the course room each day. I couldn’t get enough of the tech…oh man, it was incredible! Life is just getting better and better.

In 1978, the Edmonton mission became a Cl IV org. So I graduated into being an org staff member. Cool…. Life was good. Our newly formed org rocked! The course rooms were full, the HGC was alive and full, there were lots of staff and more coming on board…it was fun…it was the best!

I continued on until 1981 and then moved to Los Angeles, where I trained on the HRD and CCRD. I also attested to Clear. I concentrated on my OT levels over the next few years and finished OT IV in 1985. It was all completely fabulous and such a rocket ride!

Then things changed….

January 1986 came to be. I was at the Palladium event where this guy I’d never heard of stood up and announced that LRH was dead and basically, he was taking over. Enter David Miscavige. My heart sank. None of this was good news. Through the rest of the event, my mind raced on how I was going to get up the rest of the OT levels quickly. Over the next few months, I somehow paid for and did OT V and got onto Solo NOTS, finished that and then completed OT VIII in August 1988. I did it…wow…I made it! Thank you LRH!!

With the advent of Miscavige, I saw lawsuits spring up. Prices for services 10Xed what they were, making the Bridge virtually unattainable for the general populace of earth. Blanket C/Sing (i.e. insanity) was very quickly introduced where everyone going onto their OT levels were sec checked, whether they needed it or not… including in the non-interference zone. We were all guilty until proven innocent. This was all under the guise of protecting upper level materials from getting into the wrong hands. Miscavige had to be certain that no one else would raise a lawsuit against the church and reveal data to the masses. After all, a few slipped through the cracks. Who knows who might be next? It was absurd!

Public Scientologists were asked to drop their lives and help their church. Nothing wrong with a call to arms, if the intent is clean. But it wasn’t. The public were encouraged to taunt, sneer at and hate anyone opposing the church.

Miscavige’s blanket, worldwide C/Sing continued into the 1990’s. In 1991, Miscavige announced that no one had really finished NOTS, so everybody had to redo it. At the same time, he said that it was voluntary. However, if you wanted to get the gains that you’re obviously missing, you’d better get on it.

Miscavige introduced the Golden Age of Tech in the 90’s as well. The training that we all did prior to this was awesome! It didn’t need to be fixed. But Miscavige, being the antithesis of LRH, thought differently than LRH. Miscavige made a blanket statment to all auditors that we didn’t really understand what we’d been studying for all these years and weren’t we just stupid for thinking we did? Apparently, none of us were auditing correctly over these decades. Thusly, the blanket invalidation of all the pc’s that we audited — our pc’s truly didn’t get any wins from the tech that we misapplied. So now all auditors had to retrain and do it the correct way. I won’t go into the endless stream of out tech that exists in the orgs…I’ll only mention the out tech of 3 swings on the needle for the f/n and that will get everyone started….

The route to Clear became arduous. You damn near had to give up your first born. Another blanket C/S was put in place by Miscavige to invalidate the state of Clear and those that had attained it. Even OT’s were rechecked on their Clear status. It got worse…. Miscavige introduced yet another blanket C/S on Solo NOTS comps. Apparently no one did Solo NOTS correctly and no one really finished it. Miscavige even issued his own laughable “confidential issue” that directly contradicted 2 upper level LRH HCOB’s. Miscavige’s intent was to confuse, introvert and invalidate. So now anyone who comped OT VII and anyone currently on OT VII, were supposed to do it all over again.

The same thing happened with OT VIII. Miscavige claimed that no one did OT VIII correctly either, so it had to be redone. More lies being spilled from Miscavige’s face. His intent was to confuse, introvert and invalidate.

All of Miscavige’s cruel and evil inval took it’s toll on the public and staff too. Increasingly, I saw SO members, staff and public looking like the wind had been knocked out of their sails. It got to the point where my friends in the SO couldn’t even talk to me..or have lunch with me. It broke my heart to see it like this…. Unfortunately, the guys in the church bought the snake oil. They became what I call Stepford Scientologists. It may be mean but it’s also true.

A little about church events: Events are thrown at a huge expense, standing ovations for every person that walks out on stage every 3 minutes, more money has to be donated for all the various networks to keep the bridge to total freedom alive, loads of talk about the expansive promo that’s going to be released (and never is) and LRH is mentioned just often enough at key points to keep the audience interested. At some point in the late 80’s, the events became mandatory. That makes me laugh….

Miscavige’s message is always the same — there’s a hidden data line that only he knows about.

Miscavige has created a never ending mystery sandwich and holds a constant carrot in front of Scientologists.

Miscavige has invalidated every auditor, pc, Clear, pre OT and OT on this planet and introduced a hidden data line that only he is privy to. So here’s a public person (or staff) that has been pounded into the ground and made to feel worthless and now Miscavige says he has found some lost tech that’s going to save them from hell. He’s one sick individual….

Of course the truth of the matter is, there is no hidden data line. Period.

Being the little chatterbox that I am, I could go on and on. I hope no one minds that I didn’t get into my own personal war stories or show my battle scars. They’re not significant to my story. Besides, it’s more fun live and in person to talk about that stuff because you’d get all kinds of wild gestures and facial expressions. But seriously (or as serious as I can get) I really only wanted to give a “before and after” picture from my perspective.

I guess I should close this up by saying that I’ve been an Independent Scientologist for a very long time and maybe it will help some by knowing this. I think it will because I have to say, Marty — a man I have always had the deepest respect for — helped me immensely by publicly stating he was out of the church and the reasons for it. When I saw that first interview with him…I thought “are you kidding me? Marty Rathbun? Awesome!” I hope my little story will have a similar effect.

I am absolutely delighted to be amongst all of you wonderful self and pan determined beings. Thanks for letting me roam freely amongst you….

Kathy Braceland
Senior Cl IV
Los Angeles, California

email: kathybraceland@aol.com


We would be proud to come out as Independent Scientologists on your site. We have no Kool-Aid drinking family members. So we Murray and Exilda Pearlman do hereby declare ourselves Independent Scientologists and formally resign from the Church of Scientology as run by David Miscavige.

Exilda and I do have some track. She is a Permanent Class VIII C/S interned and certified by LRH. She got in Scientology in 1964-did the BC at Saint Hill and the 8 course at AOLA in 1970-71. She interned at Flag for a year in 1973-74 and – LRH C/Sed quite a few of her folders. She interacted with LRH quite a bit. He was a playful bloke back then. She was on staff from 1966 until late 1979 at the LA org as an auditor, Qual Sec and Senior C/S when she left staff. She did OT VIII in 1994 and went back on OT VII about 2 yrs ago.

I got on staff at the LA org in 1968 and went Clear in Dec of 1969. I went to Flag and did the OEC-FEBC course and also had both L-10 and L-12 in 1971. LRH was my C/S on L-12, it was than called L-10MX as it was experimental- It certainly was one of the best experiences of my life. You could tell LRH was having fun with developing L-12. I held many posts during my tenure at the LA org through 1975 and when I left Flag was personally appointed by LRH as the HCO AS (Area Secretary) L A org. I than worked with the GO for a couple of years doing Social type things including CCHR through 1977 and than did Cl 5 of the Briefing course which was all material through 1971. I finished OT V in 1995 & had routed onto OTVI- I got some set ups at Flag about two years ago. The auditing during LRH’s time was definitely better than the Golden Age of Tech auditing.

Why we are Independent Scientologists now has been written on your Web site over and over. The gross out tech including ethics and admin by Flag and the Orgs because of David Miscavige setting himself up as a Dictator. The Golden Age was when LRH was alive and his tech should be followed. You know when someone comes up with some wild story I always say “does this person think I am an Idiot”. One of the idiot out-points was the Basic Book thing. That is a Classic “do I look like an idiot”. Or better yet does LRH look like an idiot, which he attempts to make LRH look like. Oh yes LRH had these books on his desk and knew they were filled with out tech for years. The Blind leading the Blind. Give me a break. The gross injustice and ethics cycle with my son which is a story for another time. The watching of the tech being perverted starting with the Golden Age of Tech. The greed of money for money sake. The Church is now the true definition of a Squirrel Group.

We look forward to the time when the tech is restored and the organization is back set up as LRH intended. Our friends are those Scientologists and others that are looking for the truth and finding it for themselves.

Murray & Exilda Pearlman

Email: Trimurray@yahoo.com

Dr Brad and Natalie Hagemo – Twin Cities Independents

Brad is a successful Optometrist who has been helping people see better for over 25 years in Minnesota. He has been a supporter of – not just financially, but as a time and effort contributor to – community causes involving keeping kids off drugs spreading the “Say NO to Drugs, Say YES to Life” message in the Twin Cities.

In addition to helping Brad manage his practice Natalie works as a freelance writer and columnist. She is OT IV and writes a column for a local paper called “Outside the Box”, where she participates in activities that are outside her comfort zone and writes about them.

Natalie was Mrs. Excelsior 2008 and competed in the Mrs. Minnesota pageant, all the while promoting her platform which was spreading the “Say NO to Drugs, Say YES to Life” message for the Foundation for a Drug Free World. That was until the church kept distracting her from that purpose by asking her to buy more basics and donate money etc. Natalie was more interested in keeping kids off drugs. She emphasizes the strength of that interest by publicly relating that her biological father was and is a drug addict so this cause is near and dear to her.

You gotta love this couple.

Mathy R.

Dr Brad and Natalie Hagemo

Declaration of Independence

Having been dedicated Scientologists in good standing for the past 20 years and patrons of the IAS, it is with a heavy heart and a firm resolve that I Brad Hagemo and my wife Natalie do hereby withdraw our support of and membership in the Church of Scientology International. We wish to make it clear that we still support LRH, his goals and his legacy of the Tech. We also want to acknowledge a clear distinction between the staff and public of our Churches and Missions still struggling to maintain a semblance of LRH‘s church, versus those who blindly follow the dysfunctional executive strata of C of S International headed by David Miscavage.

LRH made it clear that we inherit the condition we fail to assign. We all have an obligation as free thinking, responsible thetans to look honestly at the conditions which exist in our dynamics and apply the correct formula. For too long we have ignored the true condition of the C of S because we wanted to believe the smoke and mirrors PR line that we were winning. When we did look at the isness what we saw was a small, desperate group of individuals playing a new and off purpose game of acquiring real estate, which we cannot afford and cannot justify based on statistics. Our Church had morphed into something that was both unfamiliar and unwelcoming.

At elaborate International events we would hear about the “demand” for C of S services as a justification for the off-policy fundraising for “Ideal Orgs”. Fundraising done with full disregard of the very clear LRH policy against it. We looked at our own local org and saw no such demand. We did see endless demands for time and money, overwhelmed staff, and a growing ARC broken field.

We did see tables put in front of doors to stop parishioners from leaving after a Maiden Voyage event turned into a fundraiser. We did see upstat Scientologist physically stopped from leaving a recruitment cycle, and threatened with ethics actions if they did not stay, by a Sea Org member. Further being told they wouldn’t be allowed to leave unless they signed the contract.

We did see attempts to break up families. A recruitment cycle where the husband was encouraged to divorce his physically ill wife because she was “out-exchange” and “not contributing” so that he could then be on staff. This same “out-exchange” wife made it onto Solo Nots before her health failed, and spent over 30 years of her life contributing to Scientology. Many times at the detriment of her health.

We have recently seen attempts to break up our own family. Local staff sent a package of “data” regarding our family to Flag in an attempt to third party us to our daughter, who was training there. This was done with the intention to stop her from coming home for Christmas. When that failed an attempt was made by a local HCO terminal to encourage our teenage daughter to abandon her family and move in with her. All of this because we as Scientologist chose to stop violating our personal integrity and instead be there and communicate.

We asked ourselves how could intelligent and well intentioned Scientologist be forwarding lines which are clearly not based on LRH policy. The Church is out exchange and doing harm to the very people LRH intended to help. Scientology Churches are no longer operating on the basis that their products are thoroughly audited Pcs and well trained students. We continued to look and found example after example of the power of the Church being used to intimidate those who would dissent and stifle free communication amongst Scientologists.

While there are many more examples of the off-purpose direction our Church has taken, our intention here is not to lay out a detailed indictment of the C of S. Suffice it to say that we arrived at our decision honestly and not in a moment of caprice. What is true for us is as follows:

1. David Miscavage and his following of sycophants are the most dangerous squirrel group on the planet.

2. KSW is being ignored while standard LRH Ethics, Tech and Admin are being altered to the detriment of the Church and its parishioners.

3. As Scientologists trying to live by the Code of Honor we can no longer in good conscience be associated with a group, which is using the immense power that is the Church of Scientology to hide their crimes while betraying the trust of its members.

4. We as Scientologist assign the condition of Treason to David Miscavage, RTC and all who continue to follow his illegal orders.

5. We hereby declare our Independence as Scientologists who cherish personal integrity, and have the courage to observe what we have observed in the face of attacks from a rogue Church.

6. Let it be known here and now that we are proud to stand in the presence of those who went before us and paid a far higher price in order to stand up for LRH.


Dr. Brad and Natalie Hagemo
Contact: mnnat@aol.com

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new Marthy site: http://martyrathbun09.wordpress.com/

30 12 2009

also we have a fantastic new blog at:



Thank you for all this… keeping truth alive…


24 12 2009

We are not looking for revenge, we do not feel hate or rage toward the abusers… we only want justice!

We want a society where the up stats can do their job, maintains their rights and, while truly helping others flourishing and prospering, wins!


21 12 2009

Now that you have stepped out from the lies and started to look at the truth of a sad reality of a squirrel Church of Scientology, you cannot just sit complaining of how everything is so wrong without doing something about it!

That everything is wrong is an untruth. In fact the tech works.  If you are an auditor, if you were lucky enough to have received standard auditing you would know.

When we announce our independence, when we tell others about the abuses that the Scientologist are continuously undergoing, we should make clear we are not talking about the standard tech of LRH, but we are talking about a squirrel activity of which DM is at the Command.  An abusive activity that transformed a powerful positive technology in something highly countersuvival called Black Scientology.

We have to make a clear DIFFERENTIATION to the world. Let them know that Miscavige and the current Church of Scientology has nothing to do with LRH.

Lets direct the angry mob thirsty of bad news to the right target.

This is expected from us!! Sanity is differentiation!!

The only statistic that is really booming ….

20 12 2009

The only statistic that is really booming in DM’s church is the statistic of LIES….

What an expansion!

But all their lies are justified by saying that they are for the greatest good: To save the planet!

So when DM ‘s staff now approaches disaffected Scientologist they cannot afford to lose, (as a classic 1.1 would do) they talk them into the existence of new programs by DM to stop the regging and the donations… to eradicate arbitraries and about freedom!

They “help” them…

And they build a perfect world around him/her so he/she stays… He cowardly stays pretending all is fine, while the slaying continues in the backround… while the enslaving grows…

“There are times when inaction become betrayal”…


16 12 2009

PEACE means you know you are safe.

Do you realize that you are more safe in a wog world than being part of DM’s abusive society?

A society where parishioner  have the only right to be quiet and not to dare to express their opinions or to look for truth?

This unless you are considered a celebrity… of course DM had special treatments for those…


6 12 2009

LIBERTY is when you can predict what is going to happen to you when you deal with the government. LIBERTY means that the government cannot do things to you or other people that are not written down. LIBERTY is when there is no ARBITRARY control of the citizens. ARBITRARY means use of power that does not come from written laws.

ARBITRARY also means the unpredictable and unreasonable use of power which is unpredictable and unreasonable because it does not come from written down laws. When there is LIBERTY in a country, that means that the government does not do anything to you or other people that is not already written down in approved laws.

Lecture 23 May 1963 (SHSBC ) STATE OF OT by LRH

(…) Of course, your job at once is to make somebody Clear, make somebody OT.

“They often cover thier evil purposes up and usually with PR statements”

2 12 2009

I loved Marthy’s post this morning. I just want to add something I have found… which I think is worth to be reviewed.






An additional point in the behaviour of people with evil purposes has been found: They often cover their evil purposes up and usually with PR statements. These are actually false reports of one kind or another. The dominating behaviour action is false reports and neglect of real situation. Under all that can generally be found an evil purpose.

Where we are going by Marthy R.

DM has sent agents close to me and close to Independent friends, clamoring to find out where we are going.  In myriad ways they try to discern our “strategy.”  It is quite apparent that until and unless someone comes up with an answer that resembles something DM would do (like compete to take over the monopoly, or exact revenge by any means necessary), the agents will continue to be sent in trying to get or even manufacture the answer he wants to hear. Yes, “manufacture.” He’s even had a “cell” contact me about leading an allegedly well organized group to execute a coup d’etat.  Somehow he can’t get it through his head that some folks really just want to free the technology from sinking out of sight with the ship.  I continue to find LRH references that capture my philosophy and that of my best friends. Here’s another:

“I try to look far enough in the future to forecast and predict what might be, so as to not do too many things wrong. You must allow me some percentage. And as I look into the future, I see that we are handling, here, material of a potential control and command over Mankind which must not be permitted at any time to become the monopoly or the tool of the few to the danger and disaster of the many.  And maybe in this I am simply being overly proud, conceited or optomistic. But I would never for a moment step back from the role of being conceited just to be approved of or just to be wrong in a prediction. And I believe that prediction is right.

“And I believe that the freedom of the material which we know and understand is guaranteed only by a lightness of organization, a maximum of people, good training and good, reliable, sound relay of information. And if we can do these things, we will win. But if we can’t do these things, sooner or later the information which we hold will become the property of the untrustworthy few. This I am sure, because it has always happened this way. But that’s no reason it has to keep happening this way. I am not of an inevitable frame of mind.

“I have no illusions about either the unimportance of Scientology or its importance. You see, it’d be very, very easy to get a swollen idea either way. It’d be a very simple thing, you know, to take a look at it and then take an opinion of it, independent of its actuality. Scientology, well understood, is a very powerful thing. Well used, it can do a great deal for the social order and for the individual. Poorly relayed, poorly communicated, monopolized or used exclusively for gain, it could be a very destructive thing.”

While many want to argue about how and where and by whom Scientology may be used, many of us are out here moving ahead just using it the best way we know how to help improve conditions for ourselves and others.  Everyday we feel like we are doing more good with the subject and more good for our environments than we ever did during our years and decades behind the Wall.

Strategy?  To use Scientology to improve conditions by the best means we are individually equiped to do so with; and to help our fellows do the same.

DM versus LRH: The real battle. Meanwhile KSW 1 slowly disappears…

DM politics says:


LRH says:

…It would be clean and attractive enough not to repel its public

… The staff would be well paid because they were productive.

(…) The pcs would be getting full Grades (…) And they would be leaving with high praises.

The students would be graduating all on fire to audit.

(…) Such an ideal org would be built

by taking what one has and step by step building and smoothing;

grooving in and handling each of its functions, with each of its divisions doing more and more of its full job better and better.

from  LRH ED 102 INT The ideal org.