Obstruction of Justice by Marty Rathbun

25 01 2010

Last year Silvia Kusada was told by a Flag MAA  that if she were to report her then 2D to law enforcement for the brutal battery he visited upon her she would be committing a suppressive act and could be declared.  The MAA was using the following published “suppressive acts” as authority:

Reporting or threatening to report Scientology or Scientologists to civil authorities in an effort to suppress Scientology or Scientologists from practicing or receiving standard Scientology; and

Bringing civil suit against any Scientology organization or Scientologist, including the nonpayment of bills or failure to refund, without first calling the matter to the attention of the International Justice Chief and receiving a reply.

Now, having de-pts’d ourselves from the C of M and the new DM meanings of LRH writings  they have forced people to accept, it is very plain to see the policies used to prevent people from exercising their civil and human rights to recourse to society’s justice apparatus simply do not state what church staff say they state.  Now consider this scenario. You are  beat unconsious by someone nearly twice your size. You go to the designated, authorized church representative for giving guidance and succor for such brutality. The church rep tells you authoritatively that you must look inward for how you might have caused the misguided thug to blow a fuse, and when you initially resist, you are told you could lose your lifetime investment in your religion – not to mention all your friends, family and business connections – should you pursue justice.  That might serve to obstruct your path to the pursuit of justice, don’t you agree?

Well, by the time Silvia heroicly fought through just such a soul searching (and internal appealing) nightmare and recognized in fact the church as an institution was aiding and abetting someone who was not only out ethics and criminal under the church’s own ethics codes but under the laws of the land, several months had passed. When she decided to take measures to protect future potential victims and press criminal charges against her assailant, the latter attempted to have the charges dismissed because of the nine month time lapse between the incident and the complaint. When Siliva explained the church’s dictates – at the behest of the assailant – asssailant’s attorney promised he would deliver a sworn statement by a church representative that states the church does not dissuade parishioners from seeking justice in the courts, but instead encourages them to.

Had Silvia told me about this on any other day I might not have posted anything about this. But, it just so happens that the woman I was auditing today was similarly bullied by church representatives  to not pursue her rights in court. As a result, she lost several years of custody and companionship of her children and forfeited hundreds of thousands of dollars that were rightfully and lawfully hers.

It also just so happens that the phone call I received just prior to Silvia’s was from a woman who was also  forced by church representatives to drop divorce proceedings and she too lost substantial time with her child that she was legally and ethically entitled to as a result.

It also just so happens that in all three of these cases that coincidentally consumed my  entire day and evening, the woman in the equation was attacked by the church, and intimidated from pursuing justice, on the basis that their spouses were either well-heeled and willing to direct much wealth to C of M reges and/or brown nosing, card carrying DM-bots.

If I can run into three in one days, it occured to me that there must be one hell of a lot more instances out there of similarly situated folks having their access to justice obstructed.

It also occured to me that we should not permit Silvia Kusada to be steam rolled like this.  If anyone has personal experiences of being ordered not to pursue justice as Silvia was, I urge you to contact Silvia and provide her with a statement so that she might effectively respond to the perjurious statement her assailant’s lawyer has promised to provide to the City Attorney in an effort to get charges dropped against him. If anyone has seen the movie Changeling, while not quite as dramatic, Silvia is being subjected to the same 50’sesque psych op of “nobody will ever believe you.”  Contact Silvia at Skusada2010@gmail.com.

Finally, in response to the anticipated attack on the many church sponsored anti-Marty sites, I am not encouraging any attack upon Scientology. Read the opening paragraphs of this post.  The LRH policy DM-bots cite as authority for denying people access to the courts countenances nothing of the sort.  Yet, C of M routinely does so, each time underming LRH and the subject of Scientology that much more. And it does so in order to divert monies from deserving mothers and into DM’s slush funds.  And when someone questions the off-policy nature of such funds (as Silvia did – and which is the ONLY act on her part that made her persona non grata), under Miscavology, he or she may be beat, dragged, and strangled unconscious with no recourse to justice (not only Scientology justice, but the justice system afforded as a human and civil right of every human being).  The attack on Scientology is coming from within the church.

Ignoring injustice perpetuates oppression.

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11 01 2010

The derivation of the word Kindness is from Kin – family. And that is what we are creating here. by Mary Jo

Thanks to all for this wonderful post and comments. MLK, LRH, Marty and all this group exemplifies KINDNESS. This is a quality that has taken years to strip from Scientology as a group and is now sorely missing. It is a quality MLK took to a far- reaching level and thanks to Marty for bringing him into the room and shining his light on us.

(From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)
Kindness is the act or the state of charitable behaviour to other people. It is considered to be one of the Knightly Virtues, and is a recognized value in many cultures and religions (see ethics in religion). It is considered to be one of the seven virtues, specifically the one of the Seven Contrary Virtues (direct opposites of the seven deadly sins) that is the direct opposite to envy[1].
According to book two of Aristotle’s Rhetoric it is one of the emotions (see list of emotions), which is defined as being “helpfulness towards some one in need, not in return for anything, nor for the advantage of the helper himself, but for that of the person helped”[2].
Paul defines love as being `patient and kind…` (I Corinthians)

The derivation of the word Kindness is from Kin – family. And that is what we are creating here. Thanks to all.

Mary Jo




Photo of Boyd Hutchins, aka StarsAwait

I planned to go over why I decided to do what I’m doing but that’s covered on these websites. Instead, here’s a snapshot of my experiences at CLO EUS, and new statistical info on David Miscavige’s Church of Scientology.

When I worked in External Comm I was ordered to call orgs to get telexes answered. We weren’t sending missions except for when we sent I think two “Saint Hill size missions” over the years. This was very Miscavigesque, ridiculously out gradient to our green missionaires and then current resources and it wasn’t to handle the flappy orgs on a gradient and establish basics. They were doomed to fail. There’s some LRH policies that apply that I don’t have access to, but they only expand on the only management style allowed, covered in HCO Policy Letter “CLO’s, OTL’s and Orgs.” This PL only reinforces the Sea Org policies — there is no other way. Here’s an excerpt:


To construct an example of a real CLO in action.
The Asst Management Aide of a CLO finds her project board blank for Bongville. CIC of the CLO states no reports are coming in from Bongville org. The last stats sent were poor. There is natter in Bongville’s field. On A/Mgmt Aide request, CLO’s Action Bureau writes the MOs for, briefs and fires a single observer missionaire. In Bongville, the CLO’s missionaire manages to find the “Exec Director” Bongville (who is not the ED supposed to be there according to CLO personnel records).

The following conversation takes place: The org’s ED says, “Your CLO has no reality on what’s going on here in this org.” Question: (from CLO missionaire) Do you ever send any data or reports or stats? “No, we haven’t time for that. We keep going broke.” Question: Do you know Flag policy relating to pricing and financial planning? “No, we’re too busy. All this questioning is just too distracting. The landlord is threatening eviction.” Question: How much money have you invoiced in the last month? “Oh, very little.” Question: But I see you have a full classroom of students. Have they all paid? “Oh, they’ve been here a year. They paid long ago … I think.” Question: Have you put the Flag Word Clearing Project into effect so they’ll finish their courses? “The what?” Question: Have you sent anyone to the CLO Tours Course? “Please, I’ve got to go now. The HAS just transferred the Course Super to the Estate Section and our only auditor to Ethics Officer and I’ve got to tell our afternoon pcs to come back tomorrow. . . .”


Now the observation mission went out because the CLO Data Bureau found Bongville was not reporting. This telegram meets up in CLO’s Data Bureau CIC with a ton of public complaints in the Bongville area. A rapid evaluation is done by the CLO CIC Evaluator using any current data on Bongville. The WHY taken from CLO CIC evaluation turns out to be an illegal promotion to Bongville ED of a blown PTS staff member from Chongton Org who put the whole staff in treason and blew them. The CLO Product Officer goes into action for the product of a functioning org. CLO ACTION Mission Orders for a new SO temporary ED and HAS for Bongville are quickly written, the mission briefed and 24 hours later they are in Bongville handling. The GO is put in touch with the landlord. The CLO Finance Office sends an FBO. A/Dissem Aide reroutes a tour to include Bongville. The new FBO forces $7,000 in collections by Friday, and gets a Treasury Sec on post and hatted and the Flag Invoice Pack goes in. The HAS phones the fired Bongville auditors, gets three back. Auditing resumes. Six students are word cleared and completed on course and the Flag Intern Pgm goes in and they begin to work in the HGC making nine auditors now delivering. The tech member gets the Mini Super Hat on the Course Super. The Flag Word Clearing Pack goes in. Two tours students and two execs get routed via the CLO for training on the Flag checksheet courses. The ex-ED and the ex-HAS are put on as “HCO Expeditors” pending further handling. The HAS reverts the org to cancel out the mad musical chairs, begins to recruit, form an expeditor pool, train and hat by Flag project orders and checksheets. The temporary SO ED produces by coping. The scene begins to untangle to the degree that policy and Flag projects begin to go in. The Flag ARC Brk program begins to go in and begins to straighten out ARC Brks in Central Files. One month later, the tours students are back from CLO. The org is rebuilt enough to deliver. Money begins to roll in.

Two months later the first FEBC comes back, is genned in as Exec Dir. The second one returns. Is genned in as HAS. They are told to get two more people to the FEBC fast and an A/G is sent to the GO for training at GO request.
Flag projects are well in. The CLO mission pulls out. The org remains stable but is carefully watched by the Asst Management Aide at the CLO via her project board. Meanwhile, all reports and data have been flowing to the CLO and to Flag. Flag compares its data, evaluates this and other orgs. Finds ex-staff members who have blown from an org are uniformly PTS. A local Flag project to develop more data and tech on PTS begins…. And the cycle repeats, The CLO gets in the PTS project. When an org doesn’t get it in according to a CLO Management Bu project board, data is looked for in the files and an evaluation is done on the orgs that didn’t get it in. If no data, an observer is sent…. And that’s the cycle. The Flag WHY for the Bongville incident would be a CLO in that area not manned up and operating fully and not getting Flag projects in. The CLO basic WHY that let Bongville go to pieces would be that the CLO did not watch its Flag project board and did not notice Bongville was not getting in any projects and was not reporting. The basic WHY in Bongville was the promotion of unqualified persons to ED and HAS who did not know or try to get in Flag projects and instead went ethics mad when they began to fail.


A CLO is there to observe and to get Flag programs and projects in. When a CLO doesn’t report or backlogs, it gets Bongvilles. It handles Bongvilles. It must have its Assistant Aides, its bureaux, especially a Data Bu, and a Mgmt project board, a Missionaire Unit, and an Action Bureau to handle Bongvilles. But every Bongville it has to handle will be because Flag programs and projects weren’t going in, in Bongville and the CLO didn’t find WHY they weren’t going in soon enough. Flag level-international WHYs applying to all orgs. CLO level-continental WHYs to remedy to get Flag pgms and projects in. Org level-divisional and departmental and individual WHYs that prevent Flag programs and projects from going in.

So that’s the reason for a CLO: To observe and to send all data to Flag and to continentally find out WHY Flag projects and programs are not going in, in an org and remedy that WHY and get the programs and projects in.

That’s a CLO.”

— L. Ron Hubbard, HCO POLICY LETTER of 22 JULY 1971, CLO’s OTLs and Orgs

Compare this org-specific handling of a downstat org to the sweeping solution of image improvement going on now. Nevermind that this type of image improvement isn’t even allowed based on currect production levels as covered in the reference on www.friendsoflrh.org. Also, the straight up and vertical approach of miscavige is the opposite of putting in easy basics one at a time per LRH. (see quote below) From every angle DM is incorrect.

LRH wants the CLO to get programs in. COB never cared about the programs, he only pretended to care while forcing overwhelming amounts of orders onto the orgs via the CLO, swamping already broken comm lines, never inspecting, never evaluating, when it was all so obvious. Don’t doubt that a different leader merely ALLOWING standard tech would make a change, nevermind the reneissance that would occur with direct orders to follow policy. I used to talk to CLO managers and they agreed with me. “But what can you do about it?” was the question.

“WHEN YOUR DESPATCHES OR ORDERS AREN’T GETTING ANSWERED OR ACTIONED, DON’T EVER KEEP ISSUING MORE OF THE SAME. In the special case of E you haven’t got a chance of attracting attention. There are many things you can do in the case of E. Whatever you do, if observation and real data to hand (not rumor or opinion) shows E to be the case, there is one basic rule: WHEN A PERSONNEL OR PLACE IS DISTRACTED, GET IN ONLY EASY BASICS ONE AT A TIME.Problems of Work data applies. Stable datum and confusion.”

— L. Ron Hubbard, HCO POLICY LETTER of 8 MAY 1970, Admin Know-How Series 24, DISTRACTION AND NOISE

Some orgs had 500 staledates. When the telex isn’t answered another was sent. Then Ext Comm called the org. This happens in every Ext Comm on the planet. In fact we’re ordered by Flag Ext Comm (in LA) to call orgs to nudge telexes.

This has taken the place of missions and results in no management – the SO never goes in and sends people off for FEBC etc.; the comm lines have no ethics presence to them. The org needs to know they’ll get a mission for non-compliance. But also they need to be managed sanely with less instructions until they’re big enough to handle that much. Staff are very dedicated and willing and the best of them are as competent as the best of the SO. I’m not saying force is the only answer, I’m talking about when orgs go bad.

“I wouldn’t be caught dead calling an org.” – LRH, CBO FOLO PHONE LINE

This isn’t my hobby horse because I was in the area. This is “Does management exist or not?” The CO FOLO would have 40-50 stales to the FB. Sometimes he’d not secure till the stales to FB were handled. We’d be up till 2-3 AM and him and the Programs Chief would comply with FB (i.e. send out multiple orders of all kinds to each org with already broken comm lines).

The FB sent a mission to CLO one time. Managers couldn’t send telexes to orgs for a week. FOLO EUS won their Birthday Game that week, which showed how much we were glutting the orgs with telexes.

Later I stopped all off-policy traffic, cutting down probably 60% of telexes leaving the building and refusing to call orgs. Two months later the FOLO had won their birthday game for 7 weeks straight, date coincident with me putting in LRH Policy. It’s unprecented. This was one half of the equation solved. But now the CLO and FOLO had to start sending missions to repair comm lines and cut down on the orders. I wrote reports infoing all WDC, IMEC, Eval corps, RTC, 20 to 40 infos per report, several reports just reiterating the same stuff — no change. WHAT WAS GOING ON? THIS IS THE ONLY THING WE’RE SUPPOSED TO BE DOING. It’s obvious now. I always dubbed in “COB is an idiot, but for no definite reason he’s good, so I’ll keep my mouth shut.” Doesn’t make much sense, I know. I never told anyone my disagreements after leaving the Sea Org. I paid my freeloader debt and paid for 12 intensives and gave some money to the IAS but I was tired.

Anyways, FSO (who sent a lot of traffic to EUS orgs) was KRing me and the org Dir Comms for not allowing and instead deleting personnel and logistics telexes (I was ordering Dir Comms to do this), saying these telexes were “urgent” even though LRH forbids them. The FOLO and Snr HCO was on my case. My senior in LA sent a private comm not meant for me to the FLO Rep CLO (like an org Flag Rep), saying she’s concerned I’d start dramatizing “stop” generally. She had no policy she could point to that I was violating. She had all Ext Comms calling orgs with abandon in other Conts. A new CLO and CMO command team fired in sometime soon after the Birthday Game wins. I was taken off post and Comm-Ev’ed for disrelated nothings that happened a long time ago. The Committee of Evidence findings plus an “Urgent Directive” were issued one day after I was told by Chief Off CMO to call orgs and refused. He had no respect or recognition for the policies I was showing him, he was parroting DM’s robotism madness, LEC was on his ass.

He walked out of my office and down the hall to HCO and ordered an investigation on me. The Comm Ev gave me blank stares and admitted to not even reading my writeup yet I was found guilty on generalities like insubordination.

Eventually I wound up at FSO and was put on regging money to send books to India. It came up in the routing-in sec check that I had some vague family connection issue, and something else in the sec check was taken seriously when I even stated I was joking, so they told me I basically was unqualled. It was left ambiguous and they wanted me to say I wanted to leave the SO, to “speed up the process.” I’d had my fill and left.

With even a halfway decent Inspector General functioning (not a COB), what I’m describing would be near the top of the list of things to handle. IT’S THE FLAG-FOLO-ORG line! It’s probably half the reason the Sea Org exists. And Miscavige has alter-is’d it for 20 plus years. He calls the shots.

Church of Scientology Current Statistics

Lastly and most importantly, in November 2009 I verified by phone with two terminals at Int (FLO in LA, STO ITO, Mem Off Int) that delivery statistics are still down on their long-term death slide (which started in 1990). Both of their responses were “I won’t deny that’s the case.” When pressed further about any stat turnaround after 2004 or 2008, (start of the Miscavige’s Ideal Org Program and his Basics Program, respectively), their response was the same, they didn’t even put up a fight. Both of them were at a loss for words with the data I presented to them, so I asked to speak to OSA. OSA never contacted me, I’ve phoned them twice and had requests to speak to them for over three months. Also I told the STO ITO that Buffalo was a flap and I knew that from internet reports. She confirmed this with “Yes, Buffalo is a flap.” I went over other Ideal orgs which weren’t successes by any means and it wasn’t denied.

I don’t think it’s going to be terribly hard to get rid of Miscavige and then make some big orgs because there’s so much truth on these websites. Sure it’ll happen organically because of this recent push but would it be too late?  It’d be a crime to not try and push it along faster if you’ve been on the fence. It’s nice to know you’ve been right but there’s bigger mountains to climb. Lets make it happen faster!

Written by Boyd Hutchins
Email: boydh14@hotmail.com

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