The first thing you should know is:

You have RIGHTS.

There are legal and civil rights.


Unfortunately until you point out to the terminals involved that you have those rights and you are willing to enforce them no matter what… you will be subjected to continue pressure.

Here are some advices:

1) Since the actual Church dropped to the tone level of 1.1 the first thing you should do is study on Science of Survival every section that has to do with Cover Hostility.

2) Never trust what they tell you. No matter how friendly and caring they seem to be. Everything you say will be used against you at a later point if you do not “reform”.

3) Tell them you decided to leave the Church quietly and wish them to respect that. But if necessary you will do anything needed to enforce your legal right.

4) Repeat point 3 till they duplicate it fully. Do not go into interviews, or other meetings as they will load you with false PR and false promises. If you do go with somebody else that can back you up on what really happens during the interview or meeting.

5) If they insist let them know that you are very sorry, but if you get another call, they will hear from your lawyer.

This should handle it.

Enjoy your freedom!!


1) if you are leaving because you do not agree with the Squirrel Management of DM, you best way to quit the church is RUN!!

2) you do not want them to get your overts… a 1.1 will only use them to nail you down….


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10 02 2011

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