16 12 2009

PEACE means you know you are safe.

Do you realize that you are more safe in a wog world than being part of DM’s abusive society?

A society where parishioner  have the only right to be quiet and not to dare to express their opinions or to look for truth?

This unless you are considered a celebrity… of course DM had special treatments for those…



6 12 2009

LIBERTY is when you can predict what is going to happen to you when you deal with the government. LIBERTY means that the government cannot do things to you or other people that are not written down. LIBERTY is when there is no ARBITRARY control of the citizens. ARBITRARY means use of power that does not come from written laws.

ARBITRARY also means the unpredictable and unreasonable use of power which is unpredictable and unreasonable because it does not come from written down laws. When there is LIBERTY in a country, that means that the government does not do anything to you or other people that is not already written down in approved laws.

Lecture 23 May 1963 (SHSBC ) STATE OF OT by LRH

(…) Of course, your job at once is to make somebody Clear, make somebody OT.

“They often cover thier evil purposes up and usually with PR statements”

2 12 2009

I loved Marthy’s post this morning. I just want to add something I have found… which I think is worth to be reviewed.






An additional point in the behaviour of people with evil purposes has been found: They often cover their evil purposes up and usually with PR statements. These are actually false reports of one kind or another. The dominating behaviour action is false reports and neglect of real situation. Under all that can generally be found an evil purpose.

Where we are going by Marthy R.

DM has sent agents close to me and close to Independent friends, clamoring to find out where we are going.  In myriad ways they try to discern our “strategy.”  It is quite apparent that until and unless someone comes up with an answer that resembles something DM would do (like compete to take over the monopoly, or exact revenge by any means necessary), the agents will continue to be sent in trying to get or even manufacture the answer he wants to hear. Yes, “manufacture.” He’s even had a “cell” contact me about leading an allegedly well organized group to execute a coup d’etat.  Somehow he can’t get it through his head that some folks really just want to free the technology from sinking out of sight with the ship.  I continue to find LRH references that capture my philosophy and that of my best friends. Here’s another:

“I try to look far enough in the future to forecast and predict what might be, so as to not do too many things wrong. You must allow me some percentage. And as I look into the future, I see that we are handling, here, material of a potential control and command over Mankind which must not be permitted at any time to become the monopoly or the tool of the few to the danger and disaster of the many.  And maybe in this I am simply being overly proud, conceited or optomistic. But I would never for a moment step back from the role of being conceited just to be approved of or just to be wrong in a prediction. And I believe that prediction is right.

“And I believe that the freedom of the material which we know and understand is guaranteed only by a lightness of organization, a maximum of people, good training and good, reliable, sound relay of information. And if we can do these things, we will win. But if we can’t do these things, sooner or later the information which we hold will become the property of the untrustworthy few. This I am sure, because it has always happened this way. But that’s no reason it has to keep happening this way. I am not of an inevitable frame of mind.

“I have no illusions about either the unimportance of Scientology or its importance. You see, it’d be very, very easy to get a swollen idea either way. It’d be a very simple thing, you know, to take a look at it and then take an opinion of it, independent of its actuality. Scientology, well understood, is a very powerful thing. Well used, it can do a great deal for the social order and for the individual. Poorly relayed, poorly communicated, monopolized or used exclusively for gain, it could be a very destructive thing.”

While many want to argue about how and where and by whom Scientology may be used, many of us are out here moving ahead just using it the best way we know how to help improve conditions for ourselves and others.  Everyday we feel like we are doing more good with the subject and more good for our environments than we ever did during our years and decades behind the Wall.

Strategy?  To use Scientology to improve conditions by the best means we are individually equiped to do so with; and to help our fellows do the same.

DM versus LRH: The real battle. Meanwhile KSW 1 slowly disappears…

DM politics says:


LRH says:

…It would be clean and attractive enough not to repel its public

… The staff would be well paid because they were productive.

(…) The pcs would be getting full Grades (…) And they would be leaving with high praises.

The students would be graduating all on fire to audit.

(…) Such an ideal org would be built

by taking what one has and step by step building and smoothing;

grooving in and handling each of its functions, with each of its divisions doing more and more of its full job better and better.

from  LRH ED 102 INT The ideal org.

‘A Welcome to Ted Horner’ by Marthy R…

30 11 2009
Ted Horner was one of my earliest opinion leaders in the SO.  My first SO job in January 78 was serving on one of the PAC renos missions that he operated. He seemed to be able to keep an even, easy going,  and friendly manner no matter how heavy the pressure got.  Though many can attest I wasn’t so successful, I tried to emulate Ted’s cool. Ted exuded that same calm throughout the wild eighties at Int/Gold.  He seems to have landed in an environment and created a life that meets his pleasant demeanor.  Here’s Ted’s story in his own words:

Gosh, this narrative has been over a year in the making.

To start off, I have to credit Jeff Hawkins (Fishdaddy) for being my initial inspiration.  Don’t be fooled by his calm, soft-spoken style.  Hawk, you have the heart of a lion when you published your Counterfeit Dreams, long before most others even ventured to reveal their identities.

Hats off as well to Marty, for being a breath of fresh air among the toxic “natter boards” and for his coming clean.  So what if he attracts a bunch of yapping critics? His biggest asset is his capacity to grant beingness, an ability we can all work on a lot harder.

I hate like hell writing a first-person narrative, it seems so self-serving, but here goes:

I stumbled onto Scientology in the summer of 1973 in Denver, Colorado, the target of a body-router from the Denver Mission.  Scientology was an attractive subject to a 20 year-old college dropout, looking to find his way in the world.

Denver Mission was big.  An HQS Course operated in the unfinished basement of a storefront with over 100 enthusiastic students. The supervision was tough and unreasonable.  The 4 – 5 month comprehensive course on the basics of Scientology cost just $100. Academy Levels in those days were only a few hundred bucks.  A few years later, I paid $600 dollars for the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course, joining hundreds of others at ASHO.

Flash forward 35 years and it is obvious that something is very seriously wrong with the institution of Scientology, and not only the high prices.

My connection with organized Scientology ended after 20 years when I successfully managed to blow from the Int Base on July 4th 1993.  It was truly my Independence Day.

While I was a fugitive from OSA and its private investigators, I never really stopped applying the Scientology philosophy and technology.  I did so naturally, in whatever way it might better my life and those in my environment. I still do.

I have to credit those on Marty’s Blog for giving me clarity on the premise that even though the organized church has gone corrupt, this is entirely different from the actual technology and philosophy.  They helped me see that it is okay to practice Scientology, just, please, not the organized brand.

I’ve had plenty of the organized brand of Scientology to last me a lifetime, and maybe a few more.

I started on staff at Narconon when it was a GO social coordination project.  This brought me to LA and eventually the Sea Org, where I initially worked in mission operations setting up the Big Blue Complex.

I was then recruited “over the rainbow” and was posted as an Assistant Cameraman.  My senior was an abrasive, loudmouth punky teenager, named David Miscavige; at least that’s how I saw him at the time.  I would never be very far from him over the next 15 years.

Doreen Smith Gillham turned over her hat to me as LRH Equipment I/C in 1978 and this evolved into the post of Film & Equipment I/C under the LRH Household Unit. Over the next 7 or 8 years I worked primarily as a photographer and equipment logistics person for LRH.  In those later years, he used photography as a pleasant diversion. It was something he could do when he was cooped up at those confidential locations.

At times, the Old Man would get very enthusiastic about his photography.  It was not unusual for me to receive half a dozen lengthy dispatches in a single traffic run which would send me combing LA and Hollywood on research and purchasing trips.

DM was never very far away.  By the early 80s, he was the final traffic filter from the base to LRH.  My traffic eventually went directly to DM then passed onto LRH.

I have to say this; DM completely supported and backed up the work of my unit at that time. Previously, when I was forced to send my traffic via CMO Int or the Watch Messengers, there were inevitable slows and arbitrary rejects. He removed them. It was fast flow management and I moved into a high ethics condition and I WAS given protection.

Later, from my limited perspective, DM began to change.  He discovered the power of those infamous public events.  I was there from the beginning as producer and director until I left in 1993. What started out as a way to use television techniques to bring management’s message directly to staffs throughout the world, evolved into a big money propaganda machine.

Add to that his obsession with Hollywood stardom, and he just ended up buying his own brand of BS and finds he can’t stop himself or the insanity.

At the end he began tearing up my unit, the one he had supported for so many years. It was ironic that it was here that the directives on establishing and protecting production lines was piloted under LRH direction.

People commonly ask, “Why didn’t you do something to stop it?” The changes were very slow, over many years, and more importantly, we were blinded by our own complicity.

We are all responsible to some degree for DM and what the Church of Scientology had become.  Anyone who says otherwise, either wasn’t there, or hasn’t a shred of responsibility.

After abruptly leaving the Sea Org, I have been blessed to live a life better than perhaps I am entitled to.  I credit much of that to the man and his philosophy and technology, to my many comrades throughout the years, and even to that abrasive, loudmouth punky bastard.

I am not promising to join the ranks of “crusaders” but I will not pass up any reasonable opportunity to help set some things straight.

DM always had a unique capacity to bring out the best and the worst in all of us, so in the later case, if anyone has any complaints with me from those days, please contact me, and I’ll try to make it right for you.

That is also an invitation for any of my old friends, or anyone at all, to contact me directly at
Ted Horner
Belize, Central America

And in addition to all that, he loves dogs.


More THETA definitions…

INTEGRITY comes from the word whole and means not going in two different directions at the same time and staying on your purpose to do something and not going off of it, no matter what happens.

I wish to share what I cosider a significant story with you.

To an OT VIII very good friend of mine was asked a very special question by a non Scientologist long time friend of her:  “Why after all those years you left Scientology?

After a careful consideration she answered: “I joined Scientology because I wanted to truly help others but then I discovered that the same technology by LRH that should have been used to freed and help mankind is today sadly used to hurt and enslave…”.

This is the very same reason why I finally left DM’s church… I was betraying my basic purpose and LRH by being part of that group.

The Decline Continues by rebel008

30 11 2009

Apparently OSA is adrift. They are attempting to handle the “disaffected field” (which is to say, the whole field), by calling people in or visiting them in their homes. But instead of questioning the field, they are finding that they are the ones being questioned.Most public Scientologists by now are familiar with the abuses, the Policy and Tech violations. They have read the St. Petersburg Times articles, and have read this blog and others. So when OSA shows up, they find themselves being asked about these things.  And they have no answers.

Public: “This whole Ideal Org thing is out exchange. LRH said not to ask for donations, yet that is all they are doing nowadays.”

OSA: “Well, um…you’re right, sure, that’s wrong…”

Public: “We have friends that have been forced to disconnect from their children. That’s wrong.”

OSA: “Well…you’re right, that shouldn’t happen…”

Public: “I’ve read about these staff beatings – is that true?”

OSA: “Well, um, we can’t confirm or deny it…”

Really OSA, this is your “handling” these days? The trouble is, these OSA people know its the truth. They can’t fight it any more. They are not going to confirm it, but they can’t deny it.

Meanwhile, several people have mentioned the exodus from Clearwater that is now in full swing. A real estate agent there who handles most of the properties owned by Scientologists, now has 78 former Scientologist homes up for sale.

What’s the opposite of “Mecca”? Maybe “Diaspora.”

Theta definitions…

30 11 2009

A friend sent me a very special dictionary from the States… I think the definitions are very high- tone…

so I will be sharing some of those with you…

LOVE means to not lower your level of liking for another person no matter what happens and to keep your liking or mercy toward someone at a high level. LOVE also means to not be hostile or antagonistic to another person and to not withdraw your support from another.

IMPATIENCE is when someone does not think that you or someone else are worth waiting for.

Lets flourish and prosper…



29 11 2009

This is a message to all  OSA terminals and Int Exec!!


But if you wish to continue to lie, here is just the beginning…

The DM Church’s CMOs and MAAs staff are running around interrogating, threatening and harassing up-stats Scientologist in the attempt to find out who is against the Church and to stop them from spreading truth (they call it entheta)…

They are so worried that they are promising big changes. What they do not realize is that they should stop punishing up-stats and stop degrading those same people who have been there and worked hard for the Church….

If they continue to shoot at people, people will continue to scream….

It is so evident that most of those cases are just there because they are basically protesting the degradation, injustice and lies from the Church…  People are getting really tired and start asking themselves if it is really worth to swallow so much wrongness in order to make it to the OT levels…

Probably not… after all if OT 7 is ’cause over life’, how can a being be “Cause over life” while he/she is constantly controlled and being told what to do?

This is a message to all  OSA terminals and Int Exec!!

Deliver Justice, put ethic and tech ‘in’ by the real source only: LRH.

It would do more good, as far as handling the attacks and bad PRagainst DM’s Church, than all your counter attacks and investigations.

Apply 3rd engrams tech. There are thousands of Independent Scientologist that could be ready to go back if this would be truly and honestly done.

But if you wish to continue to lie… here is just the beginning:



In addition to human trafficking laws, coerced or forced labor is a form of involuntary servitude that has been outlawed since the ratification of the Thirteenth Amendment. Freedom from forced labor is a constitutional, statutory and common law right. See, e.g., Penal Code §181, Civil Code §43, Article 1, Section 1 of
16 the California Constitution, United States v. Mussry (9th Cir.
1984) 726 F.2d 1448 and Moss v. Superior Court (1998) 17 Cal.4th 396.
19) As set forth in Penal Code §236.2, the “indicators” of human trafficking are as follows:
a) Signs of trauma, fatigue, injury, or other evidence of poor care.
b) The person is withdrawn, afraid to talk, or his or his communication is censored by another person.
c) The person does not have freedom of movement.
d) The person lives and works in one place.
e) The person owes a debt to his or his employer.
f) Security measures are used to control who has contact with the person.
g) The person does not have control over his or his own government-issued identification or over his or his worker immigration documents.
20) Wrongfully coerced labor was codified as a crime in the California Penal Code in 2005. Forced labor and human trafficking have been criminal under Federal law since 2000, involuntary servitude has been a crime for decades and forced labor would constitute a common law tort in the nature of extortion under California law. The California criminal law of human trafficking is cumulative to pre-existing tort, common law and Federal law prohibitions against coerced labor and human trafficking.
21) Subsection (d)(1) of Penal Code Section 236.1 clarifies that a victim’s personal liberty is deprived when there is a “substantial and sustained restriction of another’s liberty accomplished through fraud, deceit, coercion, violence, duress, menace, or threat of unlawful injury to the victim or to another person[…]”

On February 19th, 2009 a Mark Headley filed a complaint against the Church of Scientology International. On April 2, 2009, Laura DeCrescenzo filed a complaint against the Church of Scientology International, both cases claiming:

1. rescission of unlawful and fraudulent instruments;
2. unpaid wages and breaches of labor laws;
3. discrimination and invasion of privacy, including illegal use of
lie-detectors on staff;
4. human trafficking;
5. intentional infliction of emotional distress; and
6. obstruction of justice.

At age 10, Laura was a full-time staff member. At 12, she left her
home in New Mexico, without her parents, and moved to California to
join Scientology's elite Sea Organisation, signing a contract to serve
for one billion years.

At 17, Laura was coerced into having an abortion. She was told that to
have the child she was pregnant with would be "out-ethics", a
Scientology term meaning "unethical", because it would interfere with
her work for the Church.

Finally, in 2004, Laura swallowed bleach to make the Scientologists
think she was suicidal. The ploy worked, and allowed Laura to escape
without undergoing the lengthy and tortuous procedure of “routing

The suit comes as a further blow to the Church of Scientology
following suits alleging labor law violations issued in January 2009
by Marc and Claire Headley.


Laura De Crescenzo's Story by Journalist Jonny Jacobsen:
Laura De Crescenzo's Complaint filed April 2, 2009:
Laura's Story as originally told at :
Marc Headley's Amended Complaint:
Claire Headley's Amended Complaint:

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