21 12 2009

Now that you have stepped out from the lies and started to look at the truth of a sad reality of a squirrel Church of Scientology, you cannot just sit complaining of how everything is so wrong without doing something about it!

That everything is wrong is an untruth. In fact the tech works.  If you are an auditor, if you were lucky enough to have received standard auditing you would know.

When we announce our independence, when we tell others about the abuses that the Scientologist are continuously undergoing, we should make clear we are not talking about the standard tech of LRH, but we are talking about a squirrel activity of which DM is at the Command.  An abusive activity that transformed a powerful positive technology in something highly countersuvival called Black Scientology.

We have to make a clear DIFFERENTIATION to the world. Let them know that Miscavige and the current Church of Scientology has nothing to do with LRH.

Lets direct the angry mob thirsty of bad news to the right target.

This is expected from us!! Sanity is differentiation!!




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