– Enhancement SUCCESSES in the Independent Field

Grade 4 completion!!

The abilities I have gained throughout this grade have been absolutely life changing. I have never been so at peace in all my life. The realization that it is ok to be wrong has been amazing. It was like this huge cloud lifted. Everything is so effortless! Everything!

– Mosey

WOW Trey!

I can’t believe how much my life has changed after such a small portion of auditing! Ever since I finished my Drug Rundown it’s like im very certain about my decisions in life again. All of the awful decisions I had impinged on myself while influenced under different drugs are GONE. Things that were effecting me on a massive scale that I did not even know about are completely under my control. I feel totally different… Problems that occur seem to just roll off my back… Things that would normally upset me don’t seem all that big of a deal anymore and wow can I get along with people a lot better. I really feel a sense of interest in getting to know people and talking to them. I see the good in situations a lot more now and don’t seem to put much attention on the bad. And my finances? In the 2 days I have been back I have already made what I spent on the auditing! I felt very able to make things go right and came back and handled several things that I had been procrastinating with for several months. I have this huge sense of well being and certainty¬†with life and myself in terms of knowing that theres so much more progress available… I am incredibly excited to come up to LA! Thank you Thank you THANK YOU!!!


(Auditor Trey Lotz)


Handling invalidation and rehabbing gains

(Auditor Marthy Rathbun)


I want to thank you for the best 2 days since leaving the Sea Org 12 years ago. Absolutely the best thing I have done since leaving is connecting up with you. I have continued to blow charge of the self invalidation since leaving four days ago. I realized that I am in great shape and I have rekindled the purpose for me.

Just being able to talk about what happened to someone who was actually there without the fear of being clobbered was a relief. Just simple two way communication about my feelings and what was going on at the time has blown the guilt I have had for 12 years since leaving friends behind and feeling that their demise was my fault. I know now that it was the right decision to make for me and my children. I know that I have absolutely without a doubt no anger towards my friends there and that they were just doing their jobs as best they knew how; all for the purpose of protecting LRH tech thinking, however wrong, that I was a threat to them and their survival. Little do they know that I truly am the wrong target but you do not see this if you are in the midst of the storm itself.

Hearing your perspective cleared even more up for me about LRH and the insanity at Int. I received so many life changing wins and gains from LRH technology during the 25 years I practiced Scientology. I do not feel I was duped by LRH or Scientology in the least. You rekindled my entire bridge; as some things I have heard over the years had put little thoughts that lead to self invalidation. I know the tech works and I am a living example of that. Just the few short sessions that we had confirmed what I knew all along. I have survived in an environment all by myself and I am a living breathing example of that without any tech to guide me along.

Your life that you have built in Texas is refreshing. Monique is absolutely terrific and I thoroughly enjoyed our conversations. Again thank you for being there for me.


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