The Decline Continues by rebel008

30 11 2009

Apparently OSA is adrift. They are attempting to handle the “disaffected field” (which is to say, the whole field), by calling people in or visiting them in their homes. But instead of questioning the field, they are finding that they are the ones being questioned.Most public Scientologists by now are familiar with the abuses, the Policy and Tech violations. They have read the St. Petersburg Times articles, and have read this blog and others. So when OSA shows up, they find themselves being asked about these things.  And they have no answers.

Public: “This whole Ideal Org thing is out exchange. LRH said not to ask for donations, yet that is all they are doing nowadays.”

OSA: “Well, um…you’re right, sure, that’s wrong…”

Public: “We have friends that have been forced to disconnect from their children. That’s wrong.”

OSA: “Well…you’re right, that shouldn’t happen…”

Public: “I’ve read about these staff beatings – is that true?”

OSA: “Well, um, we can’t confirm or deny it…”

Really OSA, this is your “handling” these days? The trouble is, these OSA people know its the truth. They can’t fight it any more. They are not going to confirm it, but they can’t deny it.

Meanwhile, several people have mentioned the exodus from Clearwater that is now in full swing. A real estate agent there who handles most of the properties owned by Scientologists, now has 78 former Scientologist homes up for sale.

What’s the opposite of “Mecca”? Maybe “Diaspora.”




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