We laughed and at one point we all cried…

27 11 2009

This has been my first Thanksgiving as an Independent Scientologist… and it has been the best Thanksgiving of my life.

We were few friends, real friends… But there was love and care and after few hours we were a family,  a real group…

We ate, we shared our dreams, our hopes and our stories.

Our past in DM Church… we laughed and at one point we all cried. We could really duplicate the pain  and the loss connected with the mishandling, the attacks and betrayals…  It hasn’t been easy for anyone of us to have to courage to face the truth and disconnect from what we fought so hard for; the only way to  freedom, now discovered to be a way to pure enslavement.

Each one of us still dealing with his share of pain… We have all scars and some wounds that still hurting. But we are free.

My friend Marthy told me many times to look at the glass as half full as oppose to half empty. He is right.

We are lucky people. We are free of control and suppression and not anymore part of a lie. We are enjoying that…




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