Happy Thanksgiving LRH… we are not fighting you!!

26 11 2009

Another attempt to confuse the field by mentioning non applicable LRH data.

Where the word "PR" is just another synonym of lie.

“Why some fight Scientology” by LRH.

What a sly move is to place the above LRH article in the new issue of ‘Scientology news’….

Now that the Church of DM find itself unable to cover up the open “disaffection” of  too many OT’s and public,  loses ground while more and more of DM’s crimes are publicly exposed, tries desperately to confuse the ingenuous parishioner referring them to the wrong policy and by lying about those who had the courage to stand up against the DM’s church abuses.

“But truth knows no impenetrable barrier and only truth pierces the thickest armor plate. Scientology fights back only with truth and persistence (…)” (LRH)


We are fighting the squirrel perversion of the tech by DM’s Church. We fighting lies and suppression that comes heavy from the misused of Dianetic and Scientology. We protest what has today become: Black Dianetics and Black Scientology.

Funny but in all this it is the exact Church of DM that is fighting and attacking LRH tech and whoever struggles to follow KSW 1.


(…) “The reason why they say they fight add up to just one reason-a guilty conscience.”

And what  about their cunning 1.1 way to stop Scientologist from studying LRH tech and going up the bridge?

Well if you get every Scientologist enough into debts by donating to one of the numerous campaigns devoted to “salvage” a “4th D” (and fill up DM Churches pockets and reserves), if you coax enough people to do volunteer minister work and you cancel the training awards program as was set up before LRH passes away… well you have very cleverly took away people chances to go up the bridge.

They are so much into debts or surely poor enough to be able to have time to come to the org or buy any service…


Unfortunately the person who does not want you to study Scientology is your enemy as well as our.” by LRH




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