“Communication is the universal solvent” LRH

20 11 2009

Incredible but true!

Flag is advertising the Grades, the Freewinds is advertising the Basics and the “squirrels” are advertising the OT levels!

Good Job DM!!




2 responses

19 01 2017
Deloris Macomber

The bottom of the bridge is THE doorway and access to higher levels. Without the removal of drugs and restoration of the person back into present time with objectives and the Grades processes no one will never be fully Free. “Squirrels” are the enemy of those who seek true freedom through 100% responsibility for your own condition and universe and that is only gained by achieving each step of the grade chart as Ron provided. The way to achieve that is with the technology of LRH only, which is ONLY safely found through Scientology Churches across the planet. There its purity is protected for all beings. Turn your back on squirrels and any thing offered by them. Flag advertises the entire bridge and provides it to all who are ethical and not an enemy to freedom for all beings on this planet. The most fantastic gains are being achieved with the full purification RD and Survival RD now as Ron provided for us all. These were not available until recently. Those who are critical of Flag just have overts and withholds that were missed and they too are by passed cases waiting to be found out and freed. They too have a route to total freedom but they must seek their way, the way Ron provided for them, A to E via the International Justice Chief. That is what RON says to do. ” Listen to Ron” is what I have used as my stabile datum. Listen to no one else.

20 02 2017
Advanced Spiritual Research Center

Be aware of anyone who tells you there is only one way for those are the one who enslave in the name of freedom and kill in the name of peace.

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